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Your Hit Parade

"Be happy, go lucky, be happy, go lucky, be happy, go Lucky Strike today" (sponsor's jingle"

Beginning April 20, 1935, Your Hit Parade was the go-to place for Americans to tune in to learn which songs of the week were the chart-toppers. The show performed the picks (sometimes 7, other times up to 15) based on calculations, as one announcer explained "You've told us by your purchases of sheet music and records, by your requests to orchestra leaders in the places you've danced, by the tunes you listen to on your favorite radio programs." as well as by songs most often played on automatic coin machines (jukeboxes).

The complex statistics were gathered and calculated by agencies working on behalf of American Tobacco Company, manufacturer of Lucky Strike Cigarettes. For a while, listeners were invited to submit ballots, guessing the top 3 songs of the next week, and the winners would receive a free carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes in the mail.

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